Because not everyone is Elite

It seems ranting about the illegal activity of Plants Galore in Exeter is the most searched post of my blog.

Having dealt with various companies including a number of gardening centres when putting together media for Hospiscare’s Open Garden booklet, I have heard nothing positive come from anyone talking about Plants Galore.

If you are going for an interview there, run! Want plants that last longer than a month, go elsewhere!

I am glad I never got the job with my role now managing a team of 8 in a till recent events well respected organisation. I am making a real difference to an organisation and people’s lives. I just hope all who are looking for answers about that cesspit of a company do, no matter what it is.


Comments on: "Plants galore Exeter – a year on" (2)

  1. Patrick Brezovsky said:

    I totally agree, unfortunately I went to an interview and got a job there. It was really bad, the owner came down ever so often and it was like hell, he would swear in front of the customers and he wasn’t customer orientated in any way. On the interview I have showed him my Level 2 Diploma in Horticulture certificate and his comment was “that’s not relevant”. Well I’m sorry but that’s all it’s about. Customers always come first, then the plants. For him it was more like money comes first. Well I can happily say “Plants No-more” for me! I have a great job now (CCTV Operator) and working for Plants Galore was the worst place I worked at. I’d quite literally be a bin man. Thanks for reading 🙂

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