Because not everyone is Elite


I am new to adult board games. I played the new terry Pratchett one and loved it! It was quick and fast paced to play, with a lot of thinking.

Today I have tried a more long term game called descent. It is a very complex game involving a lot of dice and numbers; coming in half way through also adds to the complexity!

I didn’t enjoy it much, other than oggling over all the figures of monsters that come with the game. Or played with the dice, seeing how many I could stack and hold with one hand.


Turns out it's 8!

There is so much going on that I fail to get my head around half of how to play! My character had ferrets which was cool, and I was playing a mage but everything else kept changing in a slow discussed manner.

I’m not a patient person, I like speed in everything from work, rides, horses and games!

My tip; don’t start mid way through on an NPC ( none player character) with a couple of venterans of the game… It’s just too confusing!

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