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A Special leap year birthday!

Today was the bf’s grandad’s 18th birthday! No Sam is not -20 or a baby, but his grandad was born on a leap year, the 72 year old has only been able to celebrate his actual birthday every 4 years.

So there was many jokes of “Now you can legally drink and vote” and an 18th birthday card or two, including mine and Sam’s of which he put on Reddit. The post shot to second place on the front page with over 4,000 upvotes! Over 10,000 people saw the birthday card!

There are so many great stories concerning leap years, including a great one of a father and son sharing an 11th birthday party, with the son on paper technically being 11 hours older than his dad!

I love celebrating birthdays, and it is clear from the stories I have heard, that people with leap year birthdays just celebrate their real birthdays even more than normal, or get to choose which day they would prefer to celebrate on.

Most of my birthdays I have celebrated mainly on a different day, usually a weekend, so a sent day that you can only celebrate doesn’t work normally anyway!

Well happy birthday to all those celebrating still! I hope you make the most of your extra special day!



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