Because not everyone is Elite

The joy of job hunting

To have money in this world we have to earn it (most of the time), meaning in our culture, a job.

As my current contract is coming to an end, and as maternity cover, it is not being renewed, I am back on the job market yet again.

Last time I was looking for a job, it was alot different, as I was looking everywhere and anywhere for a good job. Having settled down in lovely Exeter, I am now restricted in the locations I can look… Exeter and Devon.

With only 4 months left until my predecessor returns, I am starting to get quite stressed with only one very unsuccessful interview under my belt since I started looking.

How do you stand out and shine? Show that you are truly better than everyone else, especially when you are so young like I am, now competing against older and desparet experienced people.

How do you find that job that uses your skills and talents, that is not in blinking London! Yes I miss London, but I love my BF more!

Here’s to hoping that I do get a decent job, and can get those precious years of experience under my belt, so I do not appear as such a n00b to the interviewers, when I really have years of experience under my belt.

How many people can say that one of their pieces of work was featured in Hamleys, in an internationally printed book or helped raise £18,000?

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