Because not everyone is Elite

Flashing bikes lights are awful and when I was a cyclist, one evening I was trying to stop my light from flashing when a Policeman came over to tell me to change it to a static light. After telling him of my whoas of trying to fix it, as my uncle who is a Police Officer and my dad who is a highways man, had brought me up correctly to know flashing lights were a definate no-no. This was only a couple of years ago and is still something I clearly remember.

Since then, I have become light sensitive from a couple of head injuries, and now have the pain of walking down a road and almost falling into the road sometimes, when a bright flashing light from a bike comes towards me.
I avoid big noisey flashing nightclubs as it does the same, but I can not avoid walking down a street.

I am shocked to find that these evil lights are now legal.

But there still seems to be great argument over what is and isn’t legal. Whether it is brightness, speed of flashing, direction or if there must always be one LED on.

All I know is that all cyclists with a flashing light should be pulled up and forced to do a Eplisepy and light sensitivity understanding course, so they then realise what they are choosing to do.

I am not the only one, with many people saying how annoying they can be, unsafe and many have had people yelling at them.

What is even more interesting is that the RVLR regs state: “Save as provided in paragraph (2), no vehicle shall be fitted with a lamp which automatically emits a flashing light.” and under the highways act, a bicycle is a vehicle. Therefore all flashing bike lights are still illegal, and should be taken off the road.

So who is with me? Who is for all those with light sensitivity, had dangerous experiences with flashing lights and know the ergonomic sense of having a constant beam?


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