Because not everyone is Elite

With Ashe on the current rotation of free champions, and under the advice of Ex-pro gamer and Boyfriend extrodinair, Purpose Gaming, I played Ashe.

Her lovely wide range arrow spray makes it nice for someone who can’t manage to hit people quickly or directly. So getting 1/6/10 made me proud, yet I was quickly told how bad for an Ashe that is! It makes sens with her attack being so powerful, espeially something called an “alt” (or hitting the R button finally near the end)

So Q made people go slower (apparently), W was the button I was constantly using as it was the wide burst, E I hardly touched and R is a big arrow you have to actually mange to aim to not waste.

So what was my issue? Getting used to guiding the screen with my mouse (and increasing the sensitivity of my mouse helped) and the difference between left and right click.

I am still getting used to moving left, hold a letter and click right.

I don’t what they say; women are not automatically great at multitasking! I am terrible! Yet Purpose, as an ex progamer is amazing.

So while Ashe is great, she seems to be a pick everyone is after, so get in quick there with choosing her and as a n00b, enjoy the fun of her wide range.

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