Because not everyone is Elite

The joys of house hunting

Today and yesterday my self and Gaming streamer and blogger Purpose, aka the boyfriend were flat hunting.

For both of us this is a first, with seeing a property and having nothing to say when there with the estate agent viewing the place!

So what should you ask?

1. What is the crime rate? Have there been a murder here? (which ironically is a question we have had to ask!)

2. Is the water flat rate or on a meter? (meter is better though if water rates are included its a big bonus!)

3. How easy is it to set up the internet?

4. Easy question yet we forgot it, when could we move in?

5. Whats the deposit?

6. What is the fire escape method of each room,especially basement or upstairs

7. Is there parking and if so is it permit based?

There are so many more, but the others will be more property to propoerty based! For now I hope we have asked all the right questions!

Now on to the last 3 flats to view tomorrow!


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