Because not everyone is Elite

Today I played my first ever game of League of legends, and while my team won, my skills at the game were little to be jelous of!

Having watched Purpose for now 2 months playing this game, I know my Brands from my Annie’s (and am constantly quoting her…), yet this accounted for nothing when it actually came to play.

So why did I fail?


First mistake was listening to Purpose and skipping the tutorial. I am not a cocky person, but it appears my boyfriend has more faith in my skills than I do. I wanted so hard to play the tutorial, designed to help people understand the game…  instead of going through it or even playing a bot match, I was quickly into a real match!

Now as someone who is terrified of letting people down, this had panic written all over the game for me! Even with the tutorial I would have been a mess!


Second was playing Zilean who is apparently a difficult character to play. Believe it or not though, I think they are all bloody hard! It is just a case of what style you are best at playing. Zilean involves so much “point/click on” stuff while Sona’s have a nice radial attack! But apparently good Sona’s are hard to come by. That again is probably down to the playing style required.

The third mistake was just a case of not being ergonomically set up for me. Purpose is a great gamer (watch his streams at his gaming stream site to see that!) and so has great equipment purposely designed for his much bigger hands and playing style. With a SteelSeries Sensei mouse that I recently got him, to go with his also SteelSeries keyboard, he’s able to game at his best.

I on the other hand am smaller, slowler and not used to using his computer settings at all! Within 4 minutes of the game a pillow had to be grabbed to provide extra height to try and stop the pain flowing down my left arm.

So next time I’m using a different mouse (and sensitivity) and keyboard so not to make my arm want to fall off…

So my fourth mistake? More of one I can’t not have! I have dislexia and dispraxia (neither of which I can spell nor get rid of) meaning left, right and reading are either slow or non-existant. If you had seen the match, you would have heard a Purpose yelling “Fairy” and “Tor” throughout the game with the occasional left and rights! While my brain is very good at learning static systems, quickly creating pathways and great muscle memory, knowing where I was, which mouse button to click or who to click was impossible!

The screen seemed but a blur of colour, names that I could not read nor understand, and the screen always looking at the wrong place!


Don’t get me wrong, through the bouts of confusion, stress and arguing of what terminology for Purpose to use in his guidance, it was alot of fun! I just know what I am terrible at something!

Hopefully there’s a offline practise button somewhere… though I did some how manage 3 kills and 8 assists with only 9 deaths…


Comments on: "How not to play League of Legends" (2)

  1. Just a warning the game is great, but once you get good at it people upset you a lot…even if they are decent, because even if you aren’t cocky other people are. You did well your first match. Sometimes real matches are actually easier to get kills because people are cocky and think they can kill you before you kill them, so they don’t always run when they hit low health, whereas the bot always do. Have fun–try not getting addicted to the game!

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