Because not everyone is Elite

Skyrim or mw3

Both skyrim and modern warfare 3 have been what many have been talking about as both were released this week, but which game is best?

As someone whose played none of the previous games, other than the occasional LAN party of mw3, I have neither the excitement for either, nor the knowledge.

I can however gather that visually I already prefer skyrim, but the game play being effected by events, such as a vampire bite, do seem to make skyrim already seem more appealing.

My love of being shot to pieces in LAN parties however never seems to leave me.

So which will it be? It is easy to see mw3 will be making a lot of money, used as a way of many youth getting their frustrations out on the world. But does popularity really making it the better game?

Does a game of shooting others really beat a beautifully designed and well thought out game?

I think it will be down to the gaming world to decide. However, I think I might have to give skyrim a try, apparently there’s a dragon or two in it!


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