Because not everyone is Elite

I constantly look like a fool, and so I know exactly how to do so with ease.

1. Act very naïve (or just be very naïve..)

Giggling at everything even the slightest bit rude will always have everyone in stitches. “Crotchet less panties” no longer holds the giggle power it used to, but my friends are still finding new ones that work every so often to get a reaction.

2. Mishear everything

I constantly mishear things, so mixing mishearing things and nativity really works well for me. Mishearing

3. Have an ability to fall over anything (or nothing at all)

When someone falls off a chair for no reason, or falls over thin air, people have a tendency to laugh. I seem to be able to have Anna Hathaway’s talent of falling and tripping over anything. Funny for others yes, likely to cause the occasional scratch yes, likely to make you look a fool… defiantly!

4. Do stupid things on purpose

I don’t do nor advocate doing stupid nor dangerous things. It does make you a fool but also an idiot.

5. Not realise when someone is hitting on you, or you are hitting on them…

My biggest foolish thing of all is not understanding the social-cultural interaction between the sexes. I am very bad at realising when either someone is hitting on me or I like someone, so much. This has been much discussion of my friends, in whether to make me fully aware of the situation, or the other person involved. Many a time has a friend pitied men who hit on me, think they are getting somewhere only to find I am not interested at all.

Now you know how to be a fool, though I suggest to avoid that!


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