Because not everyone is Elite


Durka Durka this game is good for a laugh but boy have I had issues getting this game to work! It does not like my graphics cards it seems. Just when I got this game working, a power surge took out my computer and tv!

I was shocked when I found I could actually play this game, with it witty and geeky edge to it, even when I did get stuck I just wanted to power through even more.

I did find though on one level that double exploding my self off screen with a shield up on my self exploded me to the next level rather than off the edge of a cliff in to death. And that when playing by my self that “shift” was my friend, using it more than anything else. Using “ASF” will always be your default at first, before you get to bosses which require other elements to beat them.

Still only on level 4, due to my new computers intergrated graphics card (which it hates all intergrated cards!), I haven’t played it in a while, but considering I brought my self a new graphics card just for this game that cost me £2.49, just goes to show how much I enjoyed it!

I can’t wait till I get to play the multiplayer part of this game, because what I have seen of it, it hilarious! If you have a steam account this is one to check out, though dont ruin the storyline for me, I still have Vlad saying he’s not a vampire while even I can clearly see he is!

Hopefully i’ll have a graphics card installed soon to play again soon!


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