Because not everyone is Elite

I dont speak pineapple

If you dont already know of the amazing adverts by the Natural co company, I would suggest you do. I warn you however, as you will find yourself yelling “trumpets!” randomly.

From the “pineapple” advert, for me and my friends the phase “I don’t speak Pineapple” has come to mean something else. I am a noob in the relationship area, so much so that I have no clue when someone is hitting on me EVER! The only guys I have dated have been with those that are outright with their feelings towards me. So after an embarressing story of “You do know I’m flirting with you”, my friends thought of an interesting way to openly tell me someone was flirting with me.

So they are “speaking pineapple” and I don’t understand it ever. So I need to find someone I can talk and understand pineapple with.

What I wish however, is if someone likes me that they would just say some code word, like “pineapple” so I know.

So if you ever meet me in person and like me, remember I don’t understand flirting, so just tell me “pineapple” and i’ll get the message… if i believe you that is!


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