Because not everyone is Elite

A couple of years ago I played the highly succesful Portal form the Orange box. It was incredible and I still randomly have been found to yell “the cake is a lie” and have it appear on paperwork sent to me believe it or not!

So you can possibly see why I would have been so excited when the second one was coming out. Not only was the first Portal a game I actually completed with no help for once, I really enjoyed it. The second one however was even better by the time I got to play it!

The game starts straight away pulling you deeply into the storyline, so make sure that you play the first one if possible before you are absorbed into the new game.

Visually of course it starts quite dark, mucky and brilliant and getting new players and old ones used to the controls (again). Having played the last one on a xbox, and this time round playing it on PC via steam, it was fantastic to be able to get a grip on the story again and the controls without feeling like, well a noob!

All I want for ChristmasThis is the reason I love the Portal games, even non-gamers or new gamers can play this and not feel talked down to, apart from the obvious storyline sections of the game.

With the second game having a co-op section, it has 4 portals and even more complex levels to enjoy. If you are playing for the first time, play with someone else who has not played the co-op before, and keep using “shift + Tab” to go to the chat window with your partner when you cant use the “emotions” and “pointers” that the game gives you.Dont worry if you haven’t completed the single player, as it will not ruin the story or game play for you, yet works well once you know the story.

Ironically most of the time we were catching up and havijng a large amount of banter rather than “Do this you idiot”, but it was still useful on the few occasions when glowing pointers didnt work.

So my advice is play this game! Whether or not you are a gamer, as this is a puzzle game, has less time based levels unlike the first one, and will have you entertained through the game play and storyline.

After playing both of these games though I cant help but think “I could put a portal on that” when watching other things or playing games. But then it just shows how good the game really is!


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